(DESCRIPTION) Boiling water in pot with crabs in it, someone picks up the top crab with tongs and moves it

(DESCRIPTION) Chef with tattoo sets pan on fire and shifts it back and forth mixing the ingredients

(DESCRIPTION) Close up view on tray of a glass of beer next to a glass of red wine being carried towards a booth

(DESCRIPTION) Close up of tattooed chefs arms as he pulls a cooked crab out of the put with tongs as he moves it out of the way we see a blurry chef behind him

(DESCRIPTION) Shot of female bartender with short, blonde hair and tattoos in front of a dark grey wall with light painted lines on it, she is smiling at the camera and holding a yellow cocktail in one hand and a manhattan cocktail in the other

(DESCRIPTION) Shot zooms in close on a margarita-style drink with a lime wedge, ice, and a salt rim

(DESCRIPTION) Shot of the top of the Portland City Hall tower with clock and weather vane, a seagull flies into frame and the sky is blue and the clouds are pink at the beginning of sunset

(DESCRIPTION) We see friends at the bar, a woman with long dark hair and a martini drink in front of her smiles at the camera and then points at the camera cheekily and laughs

(DESCRIPTION) We see a chef placing a pork chop into a hot cast iron pan and presses it down lightly to sear it

(DESCRIPTION) We see a group of friends sitting at table, the woman with dark hair and tattoos on the right feeds the woman across from her with dark hair a piece of her food, they smile and laugh

(DESCRIPTION) We see enoki mushrooms being mixed in a pan with oil and then being set on fire

(DESCRIPTION) We see a young African American waiter smiling and carrying a dish of food to a table as he smiles and laughs