embracing the future of sustainable hospitality

To us, sustainability isn’t a buzzword or an afterthought - it’s everything.

embracing the future of sustainable hospitality

Sustainability is built into every brick, it flavors every bite, it flows through the air you breathe. Step through our doors and into the future of eco-conscious development and hospitality operations.

The Press Hotel achieved LEED® certification for our implementation of strategies and solutions in sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, material selection, and indoor environmental quality.

The Bee’s Knees

The roof is abuzz with some of our busiest (and smallest) staff members. Our lovingly tended rooftop hives produce uber-local honey that not only sweetens your next bite, but helps support the future of Portland’s ecosystem. A little pollinator goes a long way!

Eco-Friendly by Design

The Press Hotel was born from an innovative, sustainability-first mindset. Some of our green design features include: dual-flush toilets, operable windows, high-performance systems, automated lighting and equipment controls, and eco-conscious building materials.

LEED® Certified

The LEED® rating system is the foremost program for buildings, homes, and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. The Press Hotel was a landmark green hotel for Portland, Maine.

Eco Kudos

"The Press Hotel is a great example of a project that prioritized sustainability."
— Gunnarr Hubbard, LEED Fellow

dig in, feel good


We use Maine’s freshest ingredients from land to sea. Harvested, sustainably caught, or produced by the outstanding agriculture and aquaculture farmers in the field. Every item on our menu was sourced from our hardworking Mainer neighbors.

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