beneath the swarm

While our past was powered by the pen and press, we celebrate art in all its forms.

beneath the swarm

I n the lower level, you’ll find our permanent art gallery, featuring Maine’s finest makers. But that’s not all we have in store – everywhere you look you’ll find an artistic marvel worth admiring.

Behind our front desk, you’ll be greeted by the work of Matt Hutton. Lounge in UNION beside a fungal fantasy by Shoshanna White. Enjoy tactile art that bends the senses with brilliant pieces from Kate Cheney. Chappell and George Mason. We’ll let you seek them yourself! Visit The Press Hotel art gallery today!

experience Portland & appreciate it

Matt Hutton

Matt Hutton has been instrumental in establishing a nationally recognized woodworking and furniture design program at the Maine College of Art, where he is an associate professor. His recent work explores process, utility, and form. His favorite thing about Portland?: Seeing the ocean everyday.

the joy of new processes

Shoshanna White

Shoshannah’s pieces include photography, painting, sculpture, and public art. Her works often incorporate reflective or translucent materials. Her can’t-miss Portland experience?: Catching a ferry out to the islands.

a glimpse of myself adrift

Kate Cheney Chappell

The environmentalist and businesswoman who founded Tom’s of Maine is also an outstanding artist. After a career at the helm of Tom’s, Kate turned her eye toward art that explores the interconnectedness of the planet.

a Portland patchwork

George Mason

George Mason has a background in ceramic architectural tile and his work is steeped in the exploration of materials and history. Richly textured and saturated with color, the largest of his “relief tapestries” are pieced together panels that occupy entire walls.

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